Tips For Having Your Child Enjoy Going To The Dentist!

childrens dentistry

Unlike adults, kids might not be aware about the significance of frequent visits to the dentist. If kids don’t understand what is going on in the dental setting the more frightened they will be. Therefore, it is important employ some tips and tricks in order to make their visits enjoyable.

The Early Years

The first trip to the family dentist should be made after your child’s first tooth erupts (about 1 year). This visit is crucial to the development of the patient – dentists’ relationship at a young age. Approaching the teeth while they are new and healthy, the baby and the dentist can meet in a cool and amiable atmosphere.

Parents should set a good example by showing an enthusiastic attitude when visiting the dentist. You shouldn’t share your own negative experiences with the kid as parent’s fear gets broadcast directly to their children. If at all possible, allow the kids to look in when you go to the dentist so that they’ll get certain that nothing bad can happen. This’ll help them to gain confidence and hopefully be more relaxed and willing to visit the dentist.

Positive Reinforcement

Parents can also consciously prepare their child for their first visit to the dental office. This can be done by sharing their friendly pictures or videos for academic purpose, or by narrating funny stories about dentists. This will also help your youngster to feel relaxed and look forward for the visit to the dental clinic. Words like “fear” or “pain” for example, or phrases; “should not be afraid” or “will not hurt at all,” etc. Must always be avoided as much as possible because the child might become anxious of their repeated use. You should also avoid threats like “if you do not brush your teeth, then you will have to go to the dentist.” Instead, provide encouragement to your child to brush teeth after each meal and tell them that if they do this then the dentist will reward them twice a year, as per the condition of their teeth!

It’s very important to accompany your youngster into the treatment room during his first visit in the dental clinic. When they gain confidence, try to encourage them to go and visit the treatment room alone next time around. The child should be celebrated at the end of every visit. All this may make him cheerful and he will look forward to his future visits to the dentist!


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