Sports Guards

sportsguardA sports mouth guard acts as an absorber for the mouth to defend the teeth from unwarranted forces. The mouth guard also protects your head and brain from concussion if the blow is onto the lower jaw. This is a big reason why boxers and other fighters wear a mouth guard.

A well-designed mouth guard also defends the jaws joints from injury by supporting and cushioning the jaws joints during periods of blunt forces to the lower jaw. In tough blows this can even decrease the risk of jaw fracture.

Well made mouth guards adapt smoothly to the upper teeth and gums, staying strongly in place, even if speaking, breathing heavily or enjoying active sports. There are several specific design options. Ask your dentist about the various types of sports guards at your next visit.

The Mouth Guard Fitting:

A custom mouth guard requires two appointments. The first appointment requires taking a highly detailed impression of the mouth. Then, at the second appointment, a week later your mouth guard will be ready to be picked up.

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